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Abandoned in Estonia: Dark Soviet Secrets - Duration: 17:51.

Estonia is a country that has been occupied and oppressed for longer than it's been free. As part of the former Soviet Union, you find a lot of dark history, secrets, and abandoned sites in this Baltic nation. This video is devoted to exploring Estonia's Soviet past and what's been left behind. We begin at the Tallinn TV Tower, which is not only the tallest building in the country, but also the site of Estonia regaining independence in an unexpected and peaceful way. Back near the city centre is Linnahall, which was built for the controversial Moscow Olympics in 1980 when Tallinn was the site of the sailing events. It was built as the Soviets imagined a palace should look. Historic Hotel Viru is now the home of the KGB Museum because it's where the KGB conducted secret operations for years. We'll also show you a huge complex of abandoned buildings next to an abandoned prison and quarry, an abandoned submarine base called Hara, which was used by the Soviet military, and a cemetery for Soviet pilots with the most unique 'headstones' we've ever encountered.

uploaded by Eileen Aldis

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