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Coronavirus in Africa: How prepared is the continent? | Covid-19 Special

After originating in Asia, reaching Europe and Northern America, Covid-19 is now quickly spreading across the African continent. The number of confirmed cases in Africa shot past the 2,000 mark on Wednesday, but the true number of cases is mostly unknown as mass testing has not been rolled out. The majority of the continent's 54 countries have registered infections. Ivory Coast and Senegal have both made declared states of emergency, and South Africa will begin a lockdown starting Thursday. Over the weekend, the Democratic Republic of Congo registered its first death. Now the country closed its borders and declared a state of emergency. President Felix Chizzy-kedi says the country is "at war with an invisible adversary". In this Covid-19 special we're looking at how African countries are preparing for the upcoming challenge on their already vulnerable healthcare systems.

uploaded by DW News

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